I'm giving up

I'm giving up

So I told you I'm going to be transparent about this journey.

I'm not actually giving up. I just like clickbaity headlines.

52 is too many though.

Yes, you told me this from the start. You were right. 52 is insanity.

A lot of people on Indiehackers told me I should change to 12 startups in 12 months

The most upvoted comment

And then BitGonzo commented:

He's right. How many people saw hustleadventures.com and indietrack.net? Almost no-one!

Sure, I can hack something together in a week. But it's not pretty. And there's no time to market it at all.

To see if an idea has merit, at least a decent amount of people should have seen it or interacted with it.

That was simply not the case in the last 2 weeks.

Then Jackietan said this:

That's when I decided to do a Twitter poll:

The result is pretty clear.

And then I got this comment on Twitter:

Oooof. I'm killing my ideas myself?

This is what convinced me (thanks Eliezer!).

Look, I'm pretty stubborn, but this time I'm going to listen to feedback.

I feel like I now have a tiny support group that gives me invaluable advice. So to everyone on Twitter and Indiehackers, from the bottom of my heart, thanks!

I decided to change the plan to 18 startups in one year. That gives me ~3 weeks for each startup.

The reason I'm taking 18 instead of 12:

  • I'm still a wanna-be contrarian
  • I feel like that gives me enough pressure to prevent slacking off, but not enough to completely drown.
  • I still believe there's a huge element of luck involved and the more projects the more luck 🤞
  • "18 startups in one year" still sounds pretty good marketing-wise.

It's not as fancy or crazy as 52, but it's more realistic and I believe it has a higher chance of success in the end.

So what happens next?

In the next week I'll try to promote Hustle Adventures by creating some Google or Facebook ads.

Scotalia told me:

That got me excited again about hustleadventures.com! And made me realize I quit way, way too soon.

I will also put Indietrack.net on Producthunt and on Hackernews.

Then from next week I'll start on the next project which will have something to do with defi (decentralized finance).

Super excited about this journey.

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